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Liquids, Scent and Fog


A.R.T offers a comprehensive service for managing and controlling liquids like water, soap, and fog fluid, featuring custom fluid tanks, silent pumps, and level control systems. Often, fluid tanks are discreetly hidden or built into the installation, making it challenging to keep track of the liquid levels.

Using A.R.T’s remote monitoring system gathers data from sensors to provide real-time feedback on the fluid levels. This information is conveniently displayed on a website dashboard or an external display, eliminating the need for a trained technician to physically check the tanks. With our remote monitoring system, artists and creators can easily track and manage the amount of liquid used, ensuring smooth operation and uninterrupted artistic experiences.


A.R.T, we offer a distinctive service that engages the olfactory senses, allowing you to incorporate scent into your interactive artworks. We understand the powerful connection between scent and emotions, and we harness this sensory experience to create truly immersive and evocative installations.


Fog has a magical quality that captivates the imagination, creating an ethereal and dreamlike ambiance. A.R.T creates silent fog machines and liquid control systems to introduce controlled bursts of fog into interactive installations. Our expertise in fog technology enables artists to unleash their creativity and craft truly immersive interactive experiences that leave a lasting impression on viewers.

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